Fayes Place

Fayes Place

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I have moved

I am getting too frustrated with blogger, so have now set up at http://fayea2z.wordpress.com

Hopefully I will now be able to do just what I want and therefore will blog more. C U there.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


At the AQC in April I did a class with Gloria Loughlan called Colour Fusion. You could do abstract, but I went with a landscape view. I had a lot of fun doing this and am thrilled with the result.
But .... when I went to quilt it, I found a spot where raw edges were showing and it was going to be too hard to repair, so I put a piece of white fabric on it, hoping it would look like a cloud. Well, it didnt, so I cut out a piece of wadding and quilted that over the white piece, and I'm pleased with it now. I had some fun with it, not only the cloud bit, but also doing the trees. Cutting them out and then sewing around all the bits was tedious, but I enjoyed it. Then I decided there needed to be something else - the yellow just looked too "in your face", so I scribbled with the machine and made some bushes. All in all a most enjoyable project.
I put up a picture yesterday of the class I did with Jenny Bowker, Broken Star and loved that one too. The other class I did I got a bit confused with and at a later date, one of my friends is going to help me finish it (thanks Helen). At the moment I just cant face it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 day stay in Melbourne. I flew back to Perth on the Monday night (8.30pm flight), so had all day to shop - and where did I go - GJ's of course. They had a 25% off everything in the shop Sale on, so I went mad and got no change out of $450.00 !!! Ouch. But, I had been saving for 12 months for just this situation VBG. And just so I wouldnt be overweight (I did buy a couple or 8 things at AQC as well) the ladies at GJ's posted my parcel for me. They are so good there. Just as well I only go to the AQC every other year!!!

Till next time.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sorry-it's-been-so-long & AQC

Oh dear, it's been over a month since I posted! In the meantime, I've been to the AQC in Melbourne, had a really bad bout of flu' that put me out of action for about 2 weeks, and, ... well, life just got in the way :-) So, I have a few photo's of some finishes and also what I got up to in Melbourne.

This quilt is from
a pattern put out by Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville.com) and is her Scrappy Bargello. But, I did a co-ordinated version and extended the zigzag a bit and called mine Streak of Lightning. I love the colours, although this shot doesnt really do it justice.

I dont kthink you can see the quilting. Fairly ordinary in the main part, but round the edge I did a sort of side-ways continuous figure 8. I love doing that design.

This next one I called Eye of the Tiger cos in the little posts in the sashing I tried to put an eye. I quilted basically around the skewiff log cabin blocks and then round the edge I did a vine pattern that I made up. That was fun too.

This is a top that I almost finished at the AQC so now it's a finished top, waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. I'm hoping it wont stay an UFO for too long, although so saying, I'm going away for about 3 months and wont have my machine, so maybe I'll aim for before Xmas! The class was with Jenny Bowker and the star is called Broken Star (or Carpenters Wheel). I added the little bits top and bottom, cos I dont like square quilts - and I love the finished top.

I'm having trouble with putting in my pictures. They always go to the top of the page, regardless of when I put them in, and then, sometimes when I'm moving them, either the one I'm moving, or one that gets in the way, disappears. So, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead here and I'll post again "soon" with more pictures of AQC and more "finishes"

Till next time,

Friday, 1 April 2011

A few (almost) finishes.

This quilt is the 2011 Quiltville Mystery (Roll Roll Cotton Boll) - a small version. Bonnie's quilts are always too large for me, especially as they usually have such tiny pieces in them. I enjoyed making this one, but was agonizing about how I would quilt it. But, after my session with Pauline, I set my machine for free-motion quilting and away I went.

In the String blocks I have quilted 4 hearts - I hope you can see them. The half ones near the border have 2 hearts. I never would have attempted this before. It's not the best of quilting - I'm still learning and practising - but I'm pleased with how it is all progressing.

I'm having problems with placement of more pictures that I have, so that's all I'll put in this posting. I'll try and up load some more tomorrow. It's too late now and I'm getting tired and frustrated. I'm off to bed.

C U.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Oh dear, it's been a while. Where did the time go? I've been busy sewing and in a day or so I'll have some photo's to show. The one I'm quilting now is a blue and yellow Bargello and has been pinned and waiting for about 2 years !! And that's not the oldest one. But, I've made a pact with myself to try and quilt at least one quilt a week until we go away - probably the end of April. So, that should get another 4 or 5 finished, I hope. Trouble is, life gets in the way ... :-( ... and my plans get put on the back burner.

I've also been doing rounds on the 5 RR's I'm in, so cant show photo's of that as it's a secret :-) So, when they arrive I'll try and remember to take photo's and show you. This was the first one home - I think I'll make a cushion with it. I'm going to make my couch a showcase of all the mini quilts (made into cushions). That's the plan - we'll see what happens LOL.

I'm off to do some more on that quilt.

Till next time,

Thursday, 10 March 2011

At last I can do it!

Last week our club had a visit from The Gadget Queen - Pauline Rogers, and WOW. I already had my mojo going quite strongly, but now its almost bursting out of my head !!!
These two pictures are what I call Lightning Strike. The quilt is only quite small - I was testing out the scrappy Bargello pattern. It's been a finished top for about 18 months, waiting for quilting inspiration. After listening to Pauline, I decided "I can do that!" - and here it is all finished except to sew down the binding. I'm hoping the quilting pattern that I put in the red border shows up. I could quilt straight lines fine, - it was the squiggly bits that I thought I couldnt manage. After watching her, in this border I did a sort of open figure 8. Looks good, but dont scrutinise too closely LOL.
This one is what I call "Eye of the Tiger". I dont think you'll be able to see, but in the little 1" squares between each block (posts) I tried to put a tiger's eye in each one. I had actually quilted all the blocks and the first border and the narrow yellow border - all straight lines (I could do that). but it was sitting languishing, waiting for me to decide what to put in the 6" wide dark border. After my session with Pauline, I've now quilted a vine and leaf design all around it.
This is a close up of it. Hope you can see it.
And this is the back of this quilt. It was a scrappy front, so I decided to make the back scrappy too and am pleased with how it has all turned out.

Next project will be to tackle a larger top - I have plenty to choose from :-)

So, nothing wrong with my mojo at the moment. It's very much alive and itching to get sewing. What a pity I cant afford to have someone in to do all the cooking, cleaning and shopping so I could just sit and sew all day - or go shopping for quilting paraphernalia. It's nice to dream.

We are off out to lunch to celebrate DS2 (Dear Son No.2) birthday. Another interruption! But I love him, so my quilting will (must) wait.

Till next time.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Catching up.

I thought I'd just put a few words on the blog - just to let you know I'm still here :-) Our WA branch of Scquilters had a get-together (GTG) on Saturday and I was putting my Quiltville Mystery together. I just want to add a border or 2 and then I'll take a photo and show everyone. Other than that, quiltwise I'm still working on 3 of my swaps. One is almost done, so cant wait to have it arrive home and see what everyone else has done to my centre square !!! I've also finished putting the braid border on my Scrappy Bargello, so will take a photo of that too.

Today I was on duty at the Quilt House and got quite a lot done on my blocks, even though there were lots of visitors. I had a lovely day, 9.30 till 3pm.

OK, I'm off to cut and sew on some borders.